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Unlike the other numerous institutes spread across the city which fail to live up to students’ expectations, we ensure that each student is given the personal attention he/she deserves. IELTS Training Center in Pune should not only be limited to the already fluent English speakers but those with a weaker background should be given a fair chance too. This is exactly how we function, taking under its ominous wing all kinds of students.

At Delphi Convergen Overseas Study, the curriculum, duration of the IELTS preparation, and class strategy are designed and executed according to the student’s requirements and current language levels. The faculty here believes in teaching methodology that constantly engages and challenges the student. Being an education-oriented institute, Student welfare, optimum guidance, and their successful transition abroad is our prime motive.

Keeping that in mind each student should be given individual attention, regular classes and daily practice sessions are held at the convenience of the aspirant to enable him to learn at his/her own pace without rushing.



Why Us?


This section has 3 different reading assignments followed by 40 questions. The questions can be of any type from MCQs to True/False. A total of 60 minutes is awarded to finish this part. It is used to test whether the student can comprehend the details, theme, main idea, and facts presented in a written manner.


This section tests the how well the applicant is able to understand and grasp what is being said. Various accents are used during the 4 voice clips that are played. The clips are not repeated at any cost. 40 questions follow with 60 minutes allotted to finish this section.


Many consider this section to be the most difficult one. It assesses a student’s skills in the writing domain such as cohesion, lexicon library, and grammar. It has 2 distinct tasks, the first one smaller than the second. 20 minutes are given for the first one and 40 for the second.


The speaking section is usually conducted on a separate date altogether than other 3 sections. The date is given by the issuing authorities and is either week before or after the main date. It has 3 different parts. This part lasts anywhere between 11 to 16 minutes depending on the examiner and student’s answers.

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